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Adapt or Die

If you market a product or service, your reaction to the following statistic shows where you are located in the digital divide. More than half of digital traffic online now comes from mobile devices and through mobile apps. A comScore report says smartphones and tablets combined now account for 6o percent of all online traffic […]

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You are in your customer’s crosshairs and vice versa

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Market Hacking Show: Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click – Test your knowledge

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Market Hacking Show: SEO

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Five Simple Market Hacks To Implement RIGHT NOW

Five Simple Market Hacks To Implement RIGHT NOW I. Focus on identifying areas for growth and creating strategies how you plan on reaching new, tighter target markets. II. Use digital marketing tools and strategies to reach your decision makers BEFORE they make a decision. Once they’ve bought, it’s too late. III. Welcome as much customer […]

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Shining The Spotlight On Awareness of YOUR Business

In sales and marketing, you cannot overstate or downplay the value of awareness.   100 Percent of people who didn’t know your business was an available option didn’t buy your product or service.  Some of you say this fact is obvious, but it is also 100 percent true. Successful business owners know that generating profitable sales […]

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Market Hacking Show: YouTube

#markethacking show: YouTube Market Hacking Podcast

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Market Hacking Show: Podcasting

#markethacking show: Podcasting Market Hacking Podcast

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If the financial markets no longer trust big radio, can you?

Cumulus Media owns many of the most prestigious broadcast properties in radio: KLOS and KABC in Los Angeles, WLUP and WGN in Chicago, WJR in Detroit, WABC and WPLJ in New York. All told, Cumulus owns and operates 460 different radio stations in 90 markets. On September 29th, the stock of Cumulus Media bottomed out […]

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The marketing bait that attracts the fish

A cold steel hook rarely catches a fish. Experienced anglers know they have to bait the hook to draw the attention of the fish in order to hook and draw them in.   In marketing, there is only one effective way to bait your hook. The marketing bait which will draw in your prospects, clients and […]

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