About Market Hacking

We are not the first to use the term Market Hacking. However, opening new markets through a process we call marketing hacking is unique to this blog. Image 3 Marketing sponsors this free marketing resource to help professionals, small and medium size business join the world-wide start-up and entrepreneurial movement.

The entrepreneurial movement is taking over the traditional business landscape. What can you do? Now is the time to step out of fear, denial and disbelief. For the small business, the best defense is a good offense; it’s time to begin market hacking.  Market Hacking is both a creative and technical process. It uses a combination of creative thinking, digital marketing tools, and analysis to develop or expand new markets for your established business.

When talking about market hacking it’s important to give a quick nod to the concept of Growth Hacking; the face pace process of growing a customer base on a tight budget. Entrepreneur Sean Ellis developed the process, and coined the term, out of the need to point start-ups in the right direction. Growth Hacking is a movement supporting start-up companies, young digital businesses, and software as a service (SaaS) ventures. It helps young companies innovate, develop, test and analyze their marketing on a budget. This is how the entrepreneurial types are eating your lunch.

Both Growth Hacking and Market Hacking are first a state-of-mind. The concepts that evolve from these marketing methods allow practitioners to focus on innovation and data to achieve their goal(s).  A growth hacker, for example, may be assigned to grow a subscription base for a new digital service. Often growth hackers must meet their goals quickly, otherwise the company will fail or run out of money. A market hacker takes an established company and expands their business with a start-up mindset; venturing into new territory using creativity, digital technology and testing.

Who should use market hacking? Established  independent professionals, creative professionals, and owners of small and medium businesses.

Here at markethacking.org you find the concepts, tools and ideas to support your business.