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Make Your YouTube Videos More Valuable

YouTube is a great place to share videos online. It’s wonderful that hundreds, if not thousand of people can YoutTube Hacksee your message without the cost of paying for placement. Yet, the question is can YouTube offer more opportunity for engagement?

The obvious answer is yes, via the comments. That is what social media is about; the ability to comment to the content creator. Comments give the creator the opportunity to see how well viewers connect with the message. They also offer the creator the opportunity to directly respond to questions. The service also has annotations that you can place on the video to share more information. Annotations are valuable for sharing important points, expanding on the topic and making corrections.

Still, YouTube has even more opportunities. Earlier this year YouTube launched a tool called cards. Cards add a note or call to action to your video during a period of time that you select. There are multiple message options such as a link to your website, fund-raising requests, featured products, promotion of another video, playlist or YouTube channel.

Market Hack: Use cards to highlight your most popular product, service, video or promotion with a catchy call to action to earn the attention of video viewers and drive traffic.

Market Hack: Send your viewers to a custom landing page directly related to your call to action on the video. If you have enough traffic, A/B test the landing page for best results.

Video continues to increase in popularity. The value of a good video for a marketing campaign can mean the difference between success and failure. There is a lot of competition online and your video must standout or it will go nowhere.

There are many uses for video beyond directly sharing your message. Video can be used for customer service, such as how to solve a problem or assemble a product. Testimonials are a powerful use of video. When you develop a good relationship with a customer, pull out your smart phone and record a few kind words that you can place on your website and YouTube channel.

One of the best uses for video is to tell a story. Good market hackers know that stories travel. Dig down deep and share why someone would want to pay money for your product or service. A video about how long you have been in business and your great customer service will earn a yawn and quick pause. Your video must be about them.

YouTube continues to add features that make the platform more powerful. Take advantage of the medium and the tools that come with it.


Market Hacking With Blab.im


This is a screen shot from Blab replay featuring James Altucher and Chris Brogan.

Use Blab.im to grow your business

Blab.im is a new steaming video sharing tool launched in August. It follows a line of app releases such a Periscope and Meerkat making streaming video more social. The platform allows up to four people (including the host) to share ideas and thoughts in a single frame. Viewers of the show can interact with the group via text as they banter.

Market Hack: This is an easy way to develop yourself or company as an expert by interviewing other team members, customers and experts in your industry. You can interact with viewers and give them the opportunity to come on the show to ask questions live, if one of your four slots is open.

A nice feature of this platform is you can pre-plan and set up a Blab for a later time. When setting up a Blab it allows you to attach tags or keywords so people can find you based on your topic. This feature also gives you time to promote your upcoming Blab and help people find your replay.

Blab makes it easy for you and your viewers to share the show using the Twitter button to the left of the screen. After you create a Blab the system will send you and email with the option to download video, audio or embed. It would be nicer if that was available directly on the system. I assume it will in the future. The website and app. are in Beta, so new features are being added on a regular basis.

Check it out. The word on the street is that it is addictive. That is code for this social platform cool and may have some legs. Check out my first Blab below.

Here are good posts on Blab from our friends Rebecca Coleman (blog) and Terry Bean (LinkedIn Pulse).


What combines well with SEO?


seo combination

Photo by Kev-shine

SEO is a long-term project. It satisfies the driving traffic portion of the Market Hacking puzzle by earning new traffic from the search engines. Although SEO is not considered a short-term hack, you can start to see positive results within 4-8 weeks. Unfortunately, a large percentage of your new visitors will not call, give you their email or share your information in social media. So, what can you do after your visitor leaves?

The answer is remarketing, also called retargeting. Remarketing is an excellent option to combine with your SEO campaign because it give you the opportunity to continue sharing messages or offers with your visitors after they leave your website. You know remarketing ads, they are the ads that follow you around the Internet. The good thing about remarketing ads is the relevance to the viewer. Remarketing ads only show to people who have visited a specific website while running such a campaign.

The advantage for you, the advertiser, is that it can support your branding strategy. Once people visit your website most will not click on your ad again because they already know you. However, they will see your message multiple times reinforcing your company name and message. If viewers don’t click, it doesn’t cost the advertiser anything. Those that do click on your ads tend to be people who need more information or are ready to buy. This is what gives remarketing ads such a good conversion rate.

When you combine SEO and remarketing you are addressing the three core activities in Market Hacking. Driving traffic, developing awareness and improving conversions. Sounds like a winning combination to me.

5 Reasons Why Market Hacking Might Be The Solution For You

The idea of Market Hacking is developing steam in the business community. It’s not magical, mysterious or illegal. It’s about opening new markets using creativity, new tools and analyzing the results.

Businesses have more access to the world and the specific customer they wish to reach. Many businesses are doing fine without formally using market hacking techniques. Although, I would suggest successful businesses use many of the same principles and philosophies found in market hacking.

How do you know if you should employ market hacking? Below is a list of five considerations.

  1. You are losing market share: It’s common for a business to grow for years while ignoring the changes around them. Then, one day, it becomes obvious. The company has lost a lot of ground and is in danger of losing money. 
  2. You’re trying to cut your way to profitability: There is nothing wrong with a good house cleaning and improving accounting practices. Cutting unnecessary fat is a good move to keep a company well-run and strong. Unfortunately, there is a point of diminishing returns. At a certain point the more you cut; the more you hurt the possibility of growing the company to its former glory. When cuts hurt the company’s ability to function and support the customer — you have a problem.
  3. Technology is making your product or service obsolete: Your product or service may not stand the test of time. That does not mean your company has to go down with it. If you know your industry well, there is no reason you shouldn’t be a leader for the next generation of technology or ideas.
  4. Your current marketing doesn’t work anymore: It’s possible the yellow pages, radio, TV, newspaper or magazine advertising grew your business to it’s peak greatness. Unfortunately, these traditional methods of advertising don’t work the same way they did in the past. In some cases, they don’t work at all. Today the business owner has many more modern options at their finger tips.
  5. You are afraid of the new business environment: entrepreneurs and start-ups are everywhere. They seem to have all the cutting edge ideas that seem light-years from your understanding. There is nothing to fear. The reality is most start-up business owners are just as confused as you. Knowing how to code and having a Facebook page, doesn’t make you a superior business person. The new business environment requires you to be open-minded, try creative ideas, embrace technology, test your ideas and review the results. You can do that!

Established businesses have many advantages over start-ups. Don’t fear the new opportunities and tools available to you. You don’t need to try them all at once. Take small steps. Test a few ideas (many you find here at market hacking) to open the new markets and opportunities you know are out there.