Creating New Markets

Adapt or Die

IID-100359940f you market a product or service, your reaction to the following statistic shows where you are located in the digital divide.

More than half of digital traffic online now comes from mobile devices and through mobile apps. A comScore report says smartphones and tablets combined now account for 6o percent of all online traffic up from 50 percent a year ago.1

If this scares you, it should.

Yet, too many business owners, marketing consultants and know it all’s still pine for the past. You can wax nostalgic all you want and get upset when people click past you, won’t return your phone calls and box you out while cold calling. The truth is that if you don’t have significant digital awareness, you might as well be living back in the 1950’s along with Fonzie and Ritchie Cunningham.

One rule which the greased back and saddle shoe marketers can’t shake is the overwritten copy about how great they are. I know they know that it’s about the customer, but they want their solutions to sound so grand and majestic.  A small X in the upper right corner is the true sign of their demise.  One click and they are gone to ad and marketing Valhalla where all great and important marketing campaigns go to die.

Crisp copy that engages a decision maker, then creates engagement and ultimately converts their interest it into a sale is the key. If you are reading this, you know this. But the problem is too many digital marketers want to look like they are wearing a cashmere sweater, but pay the price of an acrylic knit. Invest in your digital strategy. Don’t just pretend that a weekly dabble is enough. Don’t lie to yourself that having personal social media is the same as having a campaign based strategy with good metrics and A/B testing. If these terms are Greek to you, work with someone who knows how to create the outcomes you want by using the tools available.

You have to adapt to the technology or your business will die. It’s really that simple a choice: adapt or die.


Five Simple Market Hacks To Implement RIGHT NOW


Five Simple Market Hacks To Implement RIGHT NOW
I. Focus on identifying areas for growth and creating strategies how you plan on reaching new, tighter target markets.
II. Use digital marketing tools and strategies to reach your decision makers BEFORE they make a decision. Once they’ve bought, it’s too late.
III. Welcome as much customer feedback on your business,  no matter how much it hurts your ego.
IV. Keep your eye on the rear view mirror; someone is coming up behind you – DISRUPTION HAPPENS.
V. Be willing to invest in your success. Work with partners who know what they’re doing. Spend more of your time and energy doing the tasks and duties which bring you success.

Shining The Spotlight On Awareness of YOUR Business

photographic-spotlight-1418290-640x480In sales and marketing, you cannot overstate or downplay the value of awareness.   100 Percent of people who didn’t know your business was an available option didn’t buy your product or service.  Some of you say this fact is obvious, but it is also 100 percent true.

Successful business owners know that generating profitable sales goes beyond merely having a product or service to sell. Your overall success of also relies on how effective you are in creating greater visibility and awareness for your brand, products or services, especially with targeted customers who are about to make purchasing decisions.

Businesses with massive marketing budgets once went the traditional route and spent fortunes advertising on radio, TV and print pieces. According to research from the State Bar of Michigan, the Great Lake State has currently over 33 Thousand lawyers practicing law. If you watch the same local broadcast TV for news I do, you would think there are only eleven law firms practicing in the state and most of them specialize in Social Security and disability, accidents claims or divorce and family law.  Some of these firms first try cases in the headlines. Others sponsor everything possible program they possibly can put their name on.  Others have catchy jingles, celebrity spokespersons or moody music to make the point that they are out here for us.

What do you do to stand out?

Awareness means more than you are the person who comes to mind when I say the generic term for your field or area of expertise.   It means that those who are making a purchasing decision consider what you do a real and available solution for the products and services they seek.

Now, in the rapidly evolving digital age, all businesses can get the same or even better visibility and exposure for their brands through utilizing digital marketing channels.  The most important of which is the strategic use of social media. This also has the advantage of a lower point of entry, less than the cost of the traditional media that those law firms use.

Creating greater awareness for your brand can be a bit challenging particularly for small and medium businesses.  Too many people think just because they have a simple account for their personal use, this should create an avalanche of business for their company. Effectively using social media platforms for a consistent campaign can however level the playing field.  It seems it should be simple, but to create an effective campaign takes experience, knowledge and insight. Understanding how to reach your targeted customers effectively gives g your business the potential access to over  2.05 billion active social media accounts.

It has to begin somewhere. The first step on the journey of digital marketing success starts with awareness.  It bears repeating: 100 Percent of people who didn’t know your business was an available option didn’t buy your product or service.  You can’t rush out and put closing sales and being profitable before it.

In my next post, I will talk about the second step in the process.