You are in your customer’s crosshairs and vice versa

You arcutcaster-photo-100542658-business-man-rifle-targete in your customer’s crosshairs.

As the scope of a highly powerful weapon, your prospect is looking at you, your solutions, your products and services. They are evaluating your moves, your responses and your actions. They have made deadly aim on you. There is a genuine tension as part of the interaction. They are making a decision whether or not to pull the trigger. It is the coming together of facts, logics, emotions and impressions.

This is what engagement is all about. And you like it this way.

One truth of marketing psychology is that we choose our customers as much as they choose us. We do this through the strategies and tactics we use to draw them in. Shrewd business professionals don’t leave engagement to chance. They use phrases, concepts, ideas and concepts that appeal to their target audience. They make these prospects want to learn more. They create an environment where making the decision to purchase a natural extension of the sales and marketing process.
It’s easy to think about this from the customer’s point of view, but savvy marketers look at their clients in the same way. They use research, insights and experience to track their prospects. They look for shifts in the marketplace the way a hunter looks for movement in a herd.

Marketers also are evaluating their customers’ moves, responses and actions. They have an aim on their prospects. This also brings tension to the interaction. It’s called audience engagement for a reason.
The ultimate engagement is when your customers and prospects ask themselves all the reasons why they should spend with you. Perhaps you are more expensive, but they have felt a better experience with you. Maybe your price works with their budget. Perhaps they can receive something special or unique from working with you that everyone doesn’t have available.

If you fail in this step, nothing else matters. You may have caught their eye and piqued their curiosity. They may ask themselves deep questions. They may continue to research. They may take themselves out of the market. They may ultimately buy from you or your competition. But if you can hold their attention, they are lost.

Great marketers and sales professionals are so skilled about engagement that the act of closing the sale almost seems like a foregone conclusion.  You are in your customer’s crosshairs and vice versa. This is what marketing engagement is all about.