RENAISSANCE MAN: Leonardo Di Vinci would have been a market hacker.

da-vinci1Leonardo da Vinci, who performed brilliantly in so many different fields, is best known by history as a Renaissance Man. His areas of strength included painting, sculpting, architecture, science, music, mathematics, engineering, invention, anatomy, geology, astronomy, botany, writing, history, and cartography. To perform as a market hacker, you have to develop the mindset of a renaissance man.

This is no idle claim. To call yourself a effective market hacker means to combine the knowledge of the modern diciplines including digital technologist, marketing director, artist, psychologist, ethicist, and brand champion.

Market hackers are wise in the ways of digital technology. They understand that metrics gives them greater power over their brick and mortar counterparts.  Traditional market research would have an intern sit at the front door to count people who walk in. They would send follow-up surveys and hope they received a representative response.  Market hackers know who is coming to their site, and more importantly how to take this to get more of those they want to come.

Market hackers are world class marketing directors.  They know the tools and techniques of business communication to ensure that their message gets out to their target audience. They understand how all the elements work together to create a sound call to action.

Market hackers have the flair of an artist. An artist shows us worlds that may not exist, but could be in our imagination. So too does the market hacker. In his vision is a wrong that can be solved by this right. He sees something better that hasn’t arrived, but through his prophecy, it is much closer to fulfillment than ever before.

Market hackers are learned behavioral psychologists. They understand complex human emotions and deliver solutions of connectivity. They know that lost and lonely are no way to spend your first night in a new city. They appreciate that others like many of the same interest that you do and having you all interacting is a very good thing indeed. They appreciate the struggles that people experience every day and think, “wouldn’t it be nice if ….”

Market hackers are also cognizant ethicists. They walk right up to the line of right and wrong to ask, is what I want to do legal, fair or appropriate? They want to test the established boundaries and norms, in an attempt to use this as the catalyst for something new, different and innovative. Market hackers make a decision on the ethics and morals on their course of actions what they do as part of their innovation.

Market hackers serve as brand champions. They put every thought, emotion, action and feeling available into making a product truly a success. They know that there is no turning back once they chart a course of action; their success is their only measuring stick.

Leonardo’s genius was truly representative of the progress from the Renaissance Era. He is best remembered as a man of “unquenchable curiosity” and “feverishly inventive imagination.1” As Di Vinci was a great master of his renaissance age, history will remember market hackers as the leaders, innovators and renaissance men and women of the 21st Century.

1 – Gardner, Helen (1970). Art through the Ages. pp. 450–456