Market Hacking With

This is a screen shot from Blab replay featuring James Altucher and Chris Brogan.

Use to grow your business is a new steaming video sharing tool launched in August. It follows a line of app releases such a Periscope and Meerkat making streaming video more social. The platform allows up to four people (including the host) to share ideas and thoughts in a single frame. Viewers of the show can interact with the group via text as they banter.

Market Hack: This is an easy way to develop yourself or company as an expert by interviewing other team members, customers and experts in your industry. You can interact with viewers and give them the opportunity to come on the show to ask questions live, if one of your four slots is open.

A nice feature of this platform is you can pre-plan and set up a Blab for a later time. When setting up a Blab it allows you to attach tags or keywords so people can find you based on your topic. This feature also gives you time to promote your upcoming Blab and help people find your replay.

Blab makes it easy for you and your viewers to share the show using the Twitter button to the left of the screen. After you create a Blab the system will send you and email with the option to download video, audio or embed. It would be nicer if that was available directly on the system. I assume it will in the future. The website and app. are in Beta, so new features are being added on a regular basis.

Check it out. The word on the street is that it is addictive. That is code for this social platform cool and may have some legs. Check out my first Blab below.

Here are good posts on Blab from our friends Rebecca Coleman (blog) and Terry Bean (LinkedIn Pulse).