Don’t Fear “The Hack”

hand-on-keyboard-1243602-640x480The term “Hack” can be seen as a positive or a negative, depending on where you stand.

For those Baby Boomers who feel the word has a negative connotation, make friends with the term hack. Your younger business associates, family members and media use it every day.

Let’s start with a simple definition: Hack. Noun. A tool, technique or process used to create a successful outcome. Often, the hack is learned from an expert in the field or specialist as a short cut or direct route for the desired success. It can also apply to using items or techniques of which someone hasn’t thought to use.

A hack the answer to the question, “What do I have to do to get this done?” Your answer: “Here’s the hack.” Synonyms include process, way, method, dao and system. Like any slang term, the edge comes from the insider implications that those who use it know something that the common man or woman does not.

The most common current use of the term is Life Hacks. Drop your smart phone in water? Here’s the hack for it. Want to get stains out of an expensive shirt? Here’s the hack for that. Can’t afford something and you want an alternative? There’s a hack for that too.

Growth Hacking was coined to describe the various tools and techniques grounded in digital marketing that are used by this generation of startup businesses whose foremost object is growth in all areas of their enterprise: market share, awareness, prestige, profits.

Market Hacking is actually using the success principles that these startups and young entrepreneurs use to steal sales, gain market share and divert positioning away from an established business and use these tools and techniques to beat them at their own game.

This essay is a hack. The goal is to teach you why this term is highly effective and why you should embrace it, not fear it like a persistent cough. Bottom Line: Embrace it … Don’t Fear “The Hack”